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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: The Gospel According to Jayne (Part 11) Firefly
"The Gospel According to Jayne" Part 11
All-New Firefly: Big Damn Finale #1
BOOM! Studios
Written by David M. Booher
Illustrated by Simona Di Gianfelice
Colored by Francesco Segala, w/ assistance by Gloria Martinelli
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Cover by Mona Finden
December 2022


Jayne takes his final bow in front of his son and friends.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue



head monk


Mattie Cobb

Jayne (dies in this issue)

Owen Cobb

Tax Collector (Tarek)

Tax Collector's men









Father Franklin (mentioned only, deceased)

Radiant Cobb (in flashback only, deceased)

Jayne's cellmate (in flashback only)

Jayne's cellmate's crew (in flashback only) 


Didja Know?


All-New Firefly is a 10-issue limited series comic book, plus this stand-alone Big Damn Finale special published by BOOM! Studios in 2022. It told a single 11-part storyline that, when later published as three trade paperback collections, was titled The Gospel According to Jayne. 


Didja Notice?


Page 4 reveals that the Tax Collector's name is Tarek.


On page 9, Leonard is teaching Emma how to make cookies in the shape of a dinosaur. The dinosaur shape they've made here is of a stegosaurid.


On page 13, River tells Simon the 'Verse is made up of 5 main stars, 7 protostars, 7 gas giants, 3 asteroid belts, 75 planets, and 149 moons...150 moons counting the uncharted Requiem.


On page 20, Jayne tells Owen that Sycorax is cold as 地狱. "地狱" is pronounced guai and means "hell".


On page 28, Mattie and Owen's ship has picked up a sticky bomb. Serenity first had to deal with some sticky bombs in "The Gospel According to Jayne" Part 6.


On page 29, Kaylee says, "廢話." 廢話 is pronounced fèihuà and is Chinese for, essentially, "shit".


In panel 2 of page 35, the two dinosaur figures on the pilot's console are an ankylosaurid (armored) and a Parasaurolophus (with the head crest).


Jayne dies in this issue.


During her eulogy for Jayne on page 42, Kaylee mentions that the people of Higgins' Moon figured out long ago that you can't talk about Jayne Cobb without talking about both Jaynes. Throughout the 'Verse, Jayne was generally considered a criminal, but Higgins' Moon is the site of the town of Canton, whose citizens regard Jayne as a hero, as seen in "Jaynestown".


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