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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: Return to Earth-That-Was (Part 8) Firefly
"Return to Earth-That-Was" Part 8
Firefly #32
BOOM! Studios
Written by Greg Pak
Illustrated by Jahnoy Lindsay
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Portrait cover by Kai Carpenter
August 2021


When the portal ring was destroyed, Serenity was not the only ship pulled through.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue





Shepherd Book

Haven doctor



Frank Triali (dies in the flashback this issue)


Didja Notice?


Most of this issue takes place "one year ago", on Haven, when Shepherd Book was still alive.


On pages 2-4, Book explains the Serenity Prayer, written by Reinhold Niebuhr. This is an actual prayer composed by Niebuhr in 1932-33. There are many variations of the prayer. The small part we see Book deliver here is a unique one. Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971) was an American theologian.


On page 5, the Haven colony's doctor says that the dead woman who was just cremated had the touch fever, spread by skin contact, so they must burn everything she's known to have touched. The touch fever appears to be a fictitious name, but the disease may be based on an actual Earth disease, as most things in the 'Verse are renamed versions of things from Earth-That-Was.


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